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10 Ways to Promote your Instagram Account


  • Promote your Instagram account with quality content
  • Use hashtags, tags, and influencers to increase traffic
  • Connect with others through contests and comments
  • Try a paid promotion for that extra edge

As Instagram becomes central to many marketing and branding campaigns, increasing traffic to your account is more of a priority than ever. With the right strategy, you can engage with a network of existing and potential customers on Instagram. Try a combination of our proven tips for content promotion that works.

Let’s start with the obvious.

1. Create quality content

Whether you are an individual or a business, you have a brand, and your Instagram content should support it. When your followers visit your account, they see a collection of your posts as a series of squares.

Each square plays an essential part in your overall Instagram appeal. Be conscious of how your posts will look on their own and as a component of the grid.

2. Use hashtags

Create a branded hashtag that uses the name of your business or your company’s tagline, and include it in your captions. Use a hashtag that is easy to remember, catchy, and shareable.

Use other hashtags that are not necessarily branded, but are widely adopted by your audience. Many users follow hashtags and therefore see posts that include that followed hashtag in their feed.

Your content will attract users as they scroll through posts sharing that hashtag.

3. Tag, you’re it!

To connect with potential fans and followers, try tagging brands, followers, and locations in your posts. When other users receive tagging notifications, they will often express their gratitude for the shout-out by re-sharing the post with their followers.

4. Play up contests

An Instagram contest or giveaway is an excellent way for your brand to gain momentum. Post content about the contest, requesting that entrants follow your account and share a post on their account that includes a photo relevant to your brand. Ask influencers to tag friends in their post to be entered to win.

5. Recruit influencers

Speaking of influencers, working with social media influences relevant to your brand can be to your advantage. To find influencers, look through posts you have been tagged in. If anyone who tagged you has a large number of followers and posts, reach out to them.

Offer influencers the chance to create User Generated Content (UGC). When an influencer shares posts that feature your brand, this exposes your products and services to a new audience.

6. Like to get likes

Create good social media karma by liking and commenting on the posts that others share. Giving another post attention won’t just drive that user to your account, but may make their audience curious about the brand or person behind the comment.

7. Use scheduling tools

So, you figured out that 8 pm on Tuesdays is the optimal viewing time for your audience. You don’t have to be glued to your phone at that hour to share a post. Use calendar and scheduler tools to schedule and publish Instagram posts days and weeks in advance, and edit them at any time.

8. Tell your Instagram story

Since Instagram stories disappear within 24 hours of being posted, they have an urgent nature to them that encourages followers to check frequently. Posting often in your Instagram stories is ideal for retaining existing followers.

9. Stay connected

It’s easy to link Instagram to other social media platforms so that you can promote your account on Facebook and Twitter. When you share a post from Instagram to another platform, include a call to action in the caption, such as “Follow us on Instagram.”

10. Run a paid campaign

If you want to grow your Instagram account, paid promotions are a great way to accomplish that. On Instagram, click on the post that you want to promote and choose the blue “promote” button. You can customize the promotion based on budget, duration, location, and more.

You can also purchase Instagram likes and followers from ApexFollowers to promote your Instagram account and attract your target audience. If you are ready to promote your Instagram content, these are just a few of the approaches you can use to do so. Which one will you try first?

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