Privacy Policy

Published on 2nd September 2020

The privacy of our users is of the utmost importance. There are set service obligations that are outlined and agreed up first before the need of personal information becomes necessary. The Policy has been created to ensure that users understand the way in which their personal information is used, collected, and communicated. The personal information that users provide is used to ensure that their order requests can be met. None of this information will be sold or distributed to external parties. The manner in which our business is conducted is done so with abidance to the principals put in place so that your personal information is protected in a confidential manner.

The Basics

  • Personal information is taken only after the purpose of reasons as to why is first established.
  • Personal information is collected to only fulfill the established reasons. It will not be collected if a user expresses concern or is seen to violate laws.
  • Personal information is only retained for the duration needed to fulfill the established reasons.
  • Personal information that is collected will be only done in a manner that upholds the law and where consent is first given.
  • Personal information is only used to achieve the established reasons and in order to achieve the purpose, the user must provide accurate personal information that is requested.
  • Personal information is protected as securely as possible to ensure that none of it is lost, stolen, used by unauthorized personnel, or modified in any way.
  • Policies around personal information will be made accessible to all users so they have knowledge of how their information is used.
  • Payment information is done through secure payment gateways but none of the sensitive information is passed through our website; instead, it is done through a secure external SSL encryption.
  • Personal information is gathered and on some cases stored to ensure services are provided hastily. This means that information like the type of payment card, expiry date, and the final digits of the payment card is stored; but, the actual payment is done so through a third party payment processor who does not store any of this information.

Use of Information

The personal information is used in order to allow us to provide, analyze, administer, enhance, and personalize our services. This also allows us to process subscriptions, orders, and payments, along with communication options around your services. Another example in which your information is used includes being able to stop any illegal or prohibited activities that might be occurring. We strive to only use your information to better improve your experience with our services, and this will include doing an analysis of our consumers and updating interface experiences to improve our services.

Disclosure of Information

There are other companies, agents, and contractors that we engage with to deliver our services. They are referred to as Service Providers and act on our behalf to ensure that all our services are delivered to the best of our abilities. These Service Providers assist us with marketing, advertising, communications, infrastructures, and IT services. They also help us create personalized experiences that are optimized for the benefit of our users. This includes processing payments in a safe and secure manner, providing customer support, collecting debts owed, and performing an analysis on data—including the data about how users use and interact with our services and administering customer surveys. When these Service Providers enact our services, they may have access to your personal information, but they do not have any authority to use, share or disclose any of your personal information in any situation that does not directly involve them enacting the services that we are providing from a purchase from the user.