Terms of Service


  1. This is the most up to date version of the Terms of Service agreement, published on 2nd of September 2020.
  3. Changes made to these terms replace all agreements that have come prior.
  4. We reserve the right to acknowledge there are typing errors on our website.
  5. This website and accompanying services are provided & operated by ApexFollowers


  1. Our service will only be used for your images on Instagram.
  2. As a user, you agree to not update any provocative material that is not permitted on the platform during the time in which our service is active.
  3. In under no circumstances are you permitted to exploit this system.
  4. There may be times in which our services deliver later than initially promised and it is completely normal. If this occurs, contact our support team as they can quickly assist you and solve the matter.
  5. Late delivery does not qualify you for an automatic refund.
  6. There is no guarantee of the exact numbers our service provides. Our support team can be contacted to discuss further if you have any concerns. 
  7. You use our services at your own risk. ApexFollowers holds no responsibility for any consequences you incur for our service and it is at your own risk, 100%. 
  8. There are instances where people unsubscribe to your account as a result of our service. This does not warrant a refund, but our industry level support team can assist in finding a solution for you.
  9. ApexFollowers offers a 14 day replacement guarantee to refill lost followers or likes, which is only valid for the most current service purchased and only to the amount the user had at the time the service was purchased.


  1. When you purchase our services, you enter an agreement in which you state you will not file a fraudulent dispute through any payment providers, including PayPal or Credit/Debit cards.
  2. If you do make a fraudulent dispute and thus break this agreement, ApexFollowers has the right to block your account from our website and even ban your IP address. 
  3. ApexFollowers are not obliged to issue partial or entire refunds for complaints that include service interruptions or service delays; these refunds are only granted if you are not delivered the service at all.
  4. A purchase of any service from ApexFollowers automatically binds you to our Terms and Service and of our payment processors, that stay you are also not breaching any of their own rules.

Privacy Policy

ApexFollowers privacy policy gives detail on how your personal information is/isn’t used. Users’ privacy is very important to ApexFollowers and there are thorough measures take to uphold it. Your personal information is only given to us from the user directly when they fill out the order form. That information does not get shared, sold, or forwarded on to anyone else who does not directly work with us to deliver your services efficiently and safely to you.

Refund Policy

If you have any issues with your order, please contact us immediately and allow us 3 business days to fix your order. If we have not corrected your order within 5 business days after contacting us, we’ll offer a full or partial refund. If you experienced a loss/drops in service contact our customer support team and we will refill your order as long as its within 30 days from date of purchase. If orders take too long to start, contact our support team. Note: orders start delays does not make your order subject to a refund.


Users of our services and website are agreeing that they are at a minimum of 13 years old of age and have a full understanding of the Terms of Condition for ApexFollowers.


Users are not entitled to use anything on the ApexFollowers website without first getting the written consent of a ApexFollowers representative. This means no materials, text, or imagery will be used without prior agreement with ApexFollowers.


Users agree that the services provided by ApexFollowers will only be used on Instagram in which follows their own Terms and Services.


  1. ApexFollowers or any person(s) related to the services provided are not liable for any results that occur to the user. This means that any resulting suspension, image deletion, negative comments, private messages, and ban from Instagram to a user’s account are not the responsibility of ApexFollowers.
  2. Users agree to use ApexFollowers services at their own risk. This means that any consequence of these services provided by ApexFollowers is 100% your responsibility.


ApexFollowers has no responsibility for any damages incurred to a user’s business. ApexFollowers does not provide any promises for any services offered. ApexFollowers rely on the internet to deliver services so there is no complete guarantee in the timeliness of the services of the speed of our website.

Change of Terms

The Terms of Service are subject to being changed at any time with no notice needing to be given. The Terms are live and effective from the date they are made live to users on the website and instantly take effect. There is no additional notice that ApexFollowers needs to give to any users about these Terms being updated on the website. The information around the Terms of Service applies to every single service offered and is automatically implied. This includes “Instagram Follows”, “Instagram Likes” and “Instagram Views”.